The Australian Motorcycle Council was formed in 1980 and revitalised in 2004 with a broader membership structure. The objectives of the Council are to:

  • Promote and improve all aspects of road safety concerning motorcycling in Australia
  • Promote, improve and protect the use of motorcycles in Australia, recognising their environmentally beneficial place in urban and land transport planning and systems
  • Promote and improve at all levels the full knowledge, awareness, understanding and acceptance of motorcyclists’ welfare and safety needs in Australia

AMC Membership is open to any organisation formed in the interest of motorcycling, as may be approved by the Association.

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The AMC currently represents motorcyclists on the following committees:

  • The Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s Motorcycle Safety Consultative Council
  • Australian Road Signs and Traffic Signals Standards Committee
  • Australian Road Marking Paints Standards Committee
  • Australian Speed Controls Standards Committee
  • Australian Road Safety Barrier Systems Standards Committee
  • Australian Paint and Line Marking Standards Committee
  • Technical Liaison Group and Technical Emissions Liaison Group
  • Australian Recall Committee
  • National Road Safety Strategy Panel

AMC provides submissions on issues at a national level and has recently provided submissions to the National Transport Commission review of National Road Rules and the review of the National Road Safety Action Plan.

AMC provides submissions on issues that are dealt with at the Federal Government level. The AMC has recently provided submissions to the National Transport Commission on:

  • The review of the Australian Road Rules
  • The review of the National Road Safety Action Plan

All advocacy work undertaken by the AMC and is constituent members is conducted by a dedicated team of volunteers. These people are committed to motorcycle safety and riders rights. With most issues, persistent effort is required and can take many years to show results. Without the ongoing commitment of these people, riders rights and safety issues would be steadily eroded.