Safer Motorcycling Through Workplace Safety Groups

Motorcycling is an important and increasingly popular form of transport but unfortunately that carries an increased casualty risk compared to other forms of transport.

For many years authorities who are responsible for road safety have paid very little attention to making motorcycling safer. Thankfully, this has changed over the past couple of years with the implementation of a number of State and Local Government motorcycle safety initiatives.

There has been a similar increase in awareness in the UK where the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) has produced a guide to safer Motorcycling Through work (Click Here). This guide promotes the formation of motorcycle safety groups in the workplace so motorcycle safety can be promoted with the support of outside agencies such as the Police and Local Government road safety officers.

While there is not the same level of support from outside agencies in Australia as there is in the UK, there is still benefit in forming such groups in Australia. One such group is at CSR’s Ingleburn site in Sydney.

Employees at Ingleburn ride for commuting, recreation and sport. Potentially there is a cost to the business when an employee is injured while riding a motorcycle irrespective of whether the crash happens while commuting or otherwise outside of work hours.

The workplace is an excellent arena in which to encourage employees to adopt safer lifestyles and practises to extend occupational health and safety to help them avoid having injuries when they are not at work.

The group supplies advice and support to riders who have recently taken up motorcycling as well as those who have considerable riding experience. This support includes advice on protective clothing to reduce the severity of injury, promotion of post licence training and adopting lower risk riding strategies.

Activities have included a presentation “Plan for the Road” by the local government road safety officers who run the “Survive the Ride” program Other Similar activities are planned.

For further information contact Brian Wood who is the AMC treasurer as well as the chair of the Motorcycle Council of NSW's Road Safety Committee.

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