AMC Position Statement – Unriders

‘Unriders’ are riders who are unlicenced and/or riding unregistered motorcycles.

Unriders’ are of concern as they are over represented in crash statistics particularly in fatal crashes.

Priority:- High

Where we are now

While there have been a number of reports indicating various levels in the number of riders who chose to ride unlicenced and/or unregistered motorcycles, the extent of the problem is not well understood.

It would appear that a large number of those who choose to ride unlicenced, have never had a licence. These riders out number those who have had their licence cancelled or suspended.

‘Unriders’ can be divided into two groups. Those who are riding ‘on road’ machines and those riding ‘off road’ machines. Those riding ‘off road’ can be too young to obtain a licence, riding in road related areas rather than ‘on the road’ itself, and riding unregisterable machines. The means of addressing these two groups may well be different.

Reasons for not obtaining a licence could include:-

  • the cost of compulsory training
  • the cost of licence fees
  • difficulty in reading and comprehending written tests
  • too young to obtain a licence

Reasons for riding unregistered motorcycles could include:-

  • the cost of registration
  • the lack of suitable places to ride off-road motorcycles

Riders who have never had a licence miss out on the benefits of compulsory and voluntary rider training.

Riding unlicenced and/or unregistered is associated with higher incidences of speeding, drink riding, not wearing a helmet and carrying a pillion.

Recent proposals to raise the age at which you can obtain a licence and make it necessary to obtain a car licence before being able to obtain a motorcycle licence, may well increase the incidence of unlicenced riding.

Where we want to be

For all road riders to be licenced and all road vehicles to be registered.

How to get there

Seek funding to:-

  • Research why riders choose to ride unlicenced or unregistered motorcycles
  • Develop appropriate counter measures which will encourage all riders to be appropriately licenced

Ensure that there are an adequate number of suitable places where it is possible to ride unregistered off road motorcycles.