AMC Position Statement – Verifiable Power Restrictors for LAMS Motorcycles

There would be benefit in establishing a scheme by which power restrictors on Learn Approved Motorcycles could be easily verified as being compliant.

Priority:- Medium

Where we are now

There are a number of motorcycles currently available on the market where the power is restricted to meet the requirements of Learner Approved Motorcycle Schemes. However, the restrictors on some of these motorcycles can be easily tampered with so the power to weight ratio exceeds the limit of 150 kw/tonne.

It is important that the integrity of the LAMS be maintained so novice riders can gain experience on moderately powered motorcycles before moving onto more powerful motorcycles.

Where we want to be

A system needs to be established so it is easy to verify that the restrictor is in place and that the restrictor limits the power so it complies with the LAMS requirement of a maximum limit of 150 kw/tonne.

Such a scheme would allow for a wider range of motorcycles to be available to Learner and Provisional riders. These motorcycles would have better handling, braking, suspension and lighting than many of the motorcycles currently available as LAMS compliant.

It would also allow the rider to retain the motorcycle after they have obtained a full licence by allowing them to de-restrict the motorcycle so it has full power.

To enable the scheme’s ease of enforcement, it is preferred that all systems of power restrictors use a similar method of identifying that the restrictor is in place.

It is also necessary to be able to verify that with the restrictor in place the power to weight ratio complies with LAMS requirements.

How to get there

Work with road authorities and the motorcycle industry to develop a scheme where power restrictors are easily verifiable.