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Sam Maddock from MRA SA joins the AMC Committee in 2023.

A few words from Sam

I first started riding motorcycles growing up out on the farm and this later on developed to a great passion for being on 2 wheel machines, so much so that once I was old enough, I got my motorcycle license. Over the years I have been involved with a number of Facebook orientated groups as well as some riding social clubs, however this didn’t satisfy myself enough in doing more to help others develop skills and also raising more awareness of riding safer, not only for the rider’s safety but also the operator of the other vehicle who doesn’t always know your whereabouts.

With this in mind, I got involved with the MRASA Toy Run as a Marshal and I fulfilled this role for a number of years and later on this progressed to joining the MRASA Toy Run Committee and the MRASA Committee where my roles currently are the President and Membership Secretary of the MRASA. I am privileged to be a part of a sensational team in South Australia, whom continue to strive in sending out messages on road safety for fellow motorcyclists and other road users.

I had always been interested in knowing more about the  Australian Motorcycle Council and over the past few months of being a delegate, I have learnt more about what each of the different state or territories guidelines are and how they differ. I look forward to the challenge of making a contribution as a committee member to the AMC.